My Story . . .

My story brings me to the person I am today, though some chapters were harder than others each one has worth in that God is using it to renew, restore, and redefine me so that I might bring honor and glory unto Him.

It’s hard to designate one exact location as the place where I grew up because we moved several times from the time I was born until I was ten years old; but for me I suppose the majority of my “growing up” occurred between the ages of 10 and 18 in the “lower bottom” of Kentucky. Unless you are from the area you really have no concept of being from the lower bottom of Kentucky. Hickman was a small agricultural town along the banks of the mighty Mississippi River, our home was located 11 miles out of in the middle of fields of soy beans, corn, and duck blinds. As far as the eyes could see it was all crop land and one lonely house off in the distance where Mamaw Brownie lived.

Mamaw Brownie played a vital role in my life as she was the one that sat with me on the sandy banks of the Mississippi watching the barges go by, as we kept a somewhat steady watch of the bobbers on our fishing lines. She was the person that filled the void in my life that resulted from the passing of my Big Mama and she was the quiet guiding wisdom that listened to my stories, my hurts, and my joys with a never judging or faltering eye.

Big Mama


Off on grand adventures

A family of my own

Coming to Virginia