Another Year Comes to a Close

As another year begins to come to a close, I can not help but wonder if I accomplished this year all that I set out to do; but more importantly did I accomplish all that God had planned for me this year? Each year we are given a clean page to write upon, a story to tell in our very own words. The pages that unfold are up to each of us as an individual and the characters we include within the pages of our lives are greatly a result of the choices that we make. How we greet each day determines in great part the path that we take and how the pages of our lives unfold. Did we take the time to bring healing to a heart that was hurting or did we in turn inflict pain within the heart of another? Looking back I find a renewed sense of purpose. . . almost a calling and a direction to purposefully strive in 2015 to bring healing. . . . looking around me each day I see so many that are hurting, so many that have become broken and need desperately for someone to reach out to them with words that will sooth their aching soul. So it is that I dedicate “Richele Writes” as an avenue for God to speak through me to bring healing to hearts that are hurting!!!!

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