When Life Overtakes Us

I recently had a friend say, “I just have more life, than 24 hours will allow”.  Those words make a lot of sense!! So many of us find ourselves feeling the same way. It seems that with each passing day, life takes on the feeling of a never ending roller coaster spinning out of control going in a vicious cycle that never ends. Each new day brings new tasks and new challenges,  causing us to have to make choices as to which we will embrace and which we will leave to another day. The question becomes, “Are we filling our lives with things that matter or are we filling it with things that simply take up our time?” We are given 24 hours in each day to live our lives for one purpose and one purpose only. . .  to bring glory to our Creator. So at the end of each 24 hour period of time we will find ourselves full of peace or full of chaos depending on what we chose to fill our lives with that day.  Many are the days when we allow “Life to Overtake Us”. We spend our time concentrating on things that have no eternal value and leave us feeling empty. But on the other hand, there are also many things that we can fill our lives with that are good and wholesome things that do bring honor to our Creator; but the fact still remains there is only so much time in a 24 hour day if we allow it to become so filled that we leave out time for God, then we will soon find “Life has Overtaken Us” in the midst of the good. Even when we fill our lives with “good things” we still have to remember to balance our lives in such a way that “Life doesn’t Overtake Us”. We have to make time to be still and listen to God during the course of each day to ensure that our time is being filled in a way that is pleasing to Him. So next time you feel like “Life has Overtaken You’, pause and allow God to “Take Over Your Life“.

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