In Remembrance

I stand in awe when I am in the presence of those in uniform, reflecting upon the moments of sacrifice depicted by every stripe and emblem of their service; every moment of fear and dread, every moment of courage and strength, each time they went with tearful heart with loved ones left behind. And so it is that I call to remembrance the ultimate sacrifice that many have made for me. I reflect on those that have gone only to return a broken reflection of who they once had been. The hollowness of eyes that have seen what was never meant for human eye to see, the crippled body that once stood so strong, all reminders of the sacrifice that was made for me to be free. In my minds eye I see them standing tall, a visual definition of what it means to be an American in a land where so many have forgotten.

I thank my God upon every remembrance of you.” Philippians 1:3

Let’s not forget what has gone before to give us what we have today !! Let’s pause in remembrance . . . thankful for what they have given to maintain the American way.

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