To Know Him as Lord

I have been reading from the book of Ezekiel recently and all through the book God references everything He does with the words, “that they shall know I am the Lord”. (Over 25 times) This stuck out to me as everything that God does or allows is for this one purpose, that we will know Him as Lord. He is Lord of every situation, every circumstance, every aspect of our lives. Nothing takes God by surprise, He is in complete control of all things. We are to simply recognize Him as Lord, trust Him as Lord, and follow Him as Lord.

1.) Recognize Him as Lord: Isaiah 45:18, Joel 2:27, Psalms 96:4, Psalms 99:5, John 8:28

2.) Trust Him as Lord: Deuteronomy 31: 6-8, Isaiah 12:2, Psalms 33:20, II Samuel 22:3, Psalms 28:7

3.) Follow Him as Lord: I Samuel 12:14, Matthew 4:20, Matthew 8:19, Matthew 16:24

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